Monitoring Technology: Participant Agreement To Terms & Conditions

To signify your agreement to these terms and conditions of participation, please download and sign this form.

Bring the signed form with you to present upon your arrival in the Cayman Islands.

By participating in this programme, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will be transported directly to your place of isolation by an authorised person and will activate your quarantine location immediately upon entering your place of isolation. You will wear a mask or cloth face-covering until you enter your place of isolation, including in the taxi.
  • You will not leave your place of isolation unless you have received advance authorisation from the Medical Officer of Health or in the case of an emergency. If there is an emergency that requires you to leave your place of isolation, you will telephone 911 to inform them of the emergency and of your current location. If you have a question or concern about an essential task that may require you to leave your place of isolation, you will seek specific guidance from the monitoring and compliance team using the contact details that have been provided to you.
  • You will take appropriate precautions to protect the mobile device issued to you as part of this programme from damage or loss. You will also ensure this mobile device, at all times:
    • has at least 30% of charge in the battery;
    • has Mobile Data services enabled, including for the Tracesafe application; and
    • remains in the same room as you within your place of isolation.
  • You will make all reasonable efforts to be available for telephone calls and physical checks at your place of isolation made by authorised Public Health officials and other members of the compliance team. This includes answering calls on the mobile device issued to you as part of this programme and/or your personal mobile device within a reasonable timeframe and presenting yourself at the doorway of your place of isolation if requested in order to speak to an official. For all in-person interactions of this nature, you will also wear a mask or cloth face covering.
  • You will not attempt to tamper with or remove the wristband fitted to you, and you will ensure it remains powered on at all times. You will not fully submerge your wristband in water or any other liquid for more than 30 seconds, including in a sink, bathtub, swimming pool or spa.
  • If the monitoring and compliance team receives an automated alert that indicates a potential issue with your monitoring technology or non-compliance with a requirement of your isolation, they will contact you by telephone or in person. You will answer their questions and provide any information that may be requested, including details of your current location or location history and reason for movement if your monitoring technology cannot confirm these facts.
  • You will not allow any individual who is not in quarantine with you to enter your home or to enter your yard space if you are physically outside of your home at the time. This includes but is not limited to friends and family members, nannies, domestic helpers and other household employees, work colleagues, service providers, and delivery persons. If your place of isolation requires emergency indoor work, you will contact the monitoring and compliance team and discuss therequirement before authorisation will be considered for an individual to enter your place of isolation under conditions that will be specified by the Medical Officer of Health. Please note that indoor work is considered an emergency if it cannot possibly be postponed until the end of the quarantine period.
  • You will not have direct contact with any individual delivering food, medicine or other supplies during your period of isolation. You will ask friends, family members, neighbours and individuals providing delivery services for or on behalf of a business to provide contactless payment and/or delivery services. They should remain in proximity to your property for the minimum necessary time for delivery and immediately depart. Payments should be completed over the telephone or online, and you will not physically collect supplies until after the person delivering the supplies has left your yard space or property vicinity. Please note that these directions of the Medical Officer of Health for the purposes of regulations made under the Public Health Law relating to the control of Covid-19. Any breach of these directions may result in your removal from this programme without notice and a requirement to complete your isolation period in a Government Isolation Facility. Breaches of these directions may also amount to an offence under the Public Health Law and regulations made under it relating to the control of Covid-19.

If you do not wish to participate in this programme for any reason, or if you decide to stop participating after you have been fitted with a wristband and/or transported to your intended place of isolation, the alternative is to complete (the remainder of) your isolation period at a Government Isolation Facility. This may be at a cost of CI$9,000 or more. You may be required to fully cover the cost of this isolation.