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Everyone Benefits From A Strong Economy

from young professionals, families, and old people to our vibrant business sector itself.   Strong public finances are generated from a strong economy and these in turn provide funding for public services – our schools, health services, roads, and police.

Supporting The Long Term Health    Of Our Economy

Government funding also supports the long term health of the economy through investing in tourism infrastructure – such as our new airport, and enhancing anti-money laundering laws so our financial services sector can continue to flourish.  With our income exceeding expenses, we have a surplus that can be used to pay off some of our debts, and set aside emergency funds to help us recover from a hurricane or other crisis.
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Looking At The Numbers



overall unemployment is the lowest in a decade at 3%


over 70% of schools now achieve satisfactory performance


nurses and doctors are funded in our hospitals and in our community

increase in stayover arrivals from July 2018 to July 2019 of 9.57%
new police officers with 25 working out in the community
major capital investment projects improving infrastructure

Doing The Maths

from fees, licences, duty and taxes
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on public services and investments
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(if we are careful)
used to address debt
set aside for emergencies
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A Brighter Future

As public funds are limited, the government must decide which areas would benefit the people and the community the most. To do this the government sets a number of strategic broad outcomes which serve as the foundation for the annual budget.  These broad outcomes endeavour to ensure Caymanians benefit from the opportunities of a strong economy, that our country continues to be a great place to live, and that we play our part on the global stage. 
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