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The Control And Management of COVID-19 Regulations, 2021 are in effect as of Friday, 24th September, 2021.  Read more

We Are In Phase 3 Of Reopening The Borders

What Is Phase 3?

Last Updated October 27, 2021, 4:04 PM

Phase 3 became active on 9 September 2021. The limited introduction of tourism during slow season with some restrictions (including a flight slot management system) allows the CI Government to manage the number of persons arriving.

This also allows CI Government and the tourism industry to develop capacity for dealing with larger volumes of travellers in preparation for high season.


Required for all aged five and over


No longer required
  • Required for all aged five years and over
  • You must use authorised transport or drive self

Up to weekly PCR testing for unvaccinated frontline workers


Who Can Travel
  • Vaccinated travellers
  • Returning Caymanians
  • Residents and Work Permit Holders
  • The child of a Caymanian or resident of the Islands or a child under the guardianship or care of a Caymanian or resident of the Islands, if the child is traveling with that Caymanian or resident

Who Can't Travel

  • Unvaccinated tourist visitors
  • Cruise tourism
  • CIAA slot management system to manage flight schedules
  • All travellers apply on Travel Cayman Portal

  • Airport arrival: Authorised transport only
  • Quarantine exit PCR test: Authorised transport or drive self


  • 7 days – verified vaccinated
  • 10 days – unverified vaccinated
  • 14 days – unvaccinated

  • Required for all travellers and occupants isolating with travellers over the age of 10 years in quarantine
  • Quarantine facilities
  • Approved residences
  •  Government pays quarantine fees at government-run facilities for essential travel only, as outlined by Regulations
  • All hotels and other tourist accommodations
  • Periodic spot checks on travellers in quarantine
  • Quarantine exit PCR test: Authorised transport or drive self

Why Did Phase 3 Change?

The safety, health and wellbeing of the people of the Cayman Islands remains our top priority. Phase 3 was implemented on 9 September 2021 but was adjusted, as announced on Tuesday, 14th September 2021.

The plan for the phased reopening of the Cayman Islands has always been to adjust rules depending on a number of factors.

In this case, the rules changed because of:

  • local transmission rates in the community
  • the current local vaccination rate
  • the prevalence rates and vaccination rates of travellers 
  • preparedness and capacity of our Public Health system

The following has changed

  • length of quarantine for securely verified vaccinated travellers increased to seven days

Read more here


Safety Precautions
  • Must adhere to safety protocols issued by regulators and industry which complies with CARPHA guidelines
PCR Test Frontline Workers
  • Surveillance PCR Testing
  • Up to weekly testing for unvaccinated workers
Gathering Limits
  • 100 people indoors and 250 people outdoors for public meetings
  • If you are an establishment, institution, business, organisation and office, cinema, theatre or church, that can accommodate more than 100 people you must restrict the number of customers or congregants so that at any one time so that each customer or congregant is able to distance himself
    or herself at least six feet from any other person in a different household.
  • Public transport and taxi service to operate at full seating capacity, with masks
  • Masks required unless you are sitting quietly at a desk at work or an education institution, or sitting eating or drinking
  • Educational institutions and facilities, including camps and after-schools programmes may operate – social and sporting activities permitted
  • Visits to institutional care homes and places of detention permitted with negative PCR test within 3 days prior to the date of visit
  • Visits to non-COVID-19 patients in hospitals permitted and subject to the health care facility’s physical distancing and PPE policies
  • No visits to COVID-19 patients in hospitals except with written permission from the Medical Officer of Health and subject to the health care facility’s physical distancing and PPE policies

    Read Education Guidance
In public places and if you are aged five or older:
    •  (required) wear face mask or covering in taxis, ride-sharing, and public transportation (including school buses)
    • (required) wear face mask or covering at health care facilities, institutional care homes, places of detention, airports, and businesses when required by owner/tenant
    •  (required) wear face mask or covering when indoors and you cannot physically distance yourself six feet from any other person not in your household
    •  (required) wear face mask or covering when told to by any business

You do not have to wear a mask if:

  • you are unable to wear a mask or cloth face covering due to a medical condition or you are otherwise exempted by guidance
    provided by the Medical Officer of Health
  • you are  sitting or eating, without talking
  • you are a desk at your place of employment
  • you are at a desk, or at a table, at your educational institution

Other details:

  • Processions, parades, etc, remain prohibited unless permitted by Regulations
  • No visits to places of quarantine or isolation
  • Frontline worker PCR testing continue
Reopening LP Phase Thumbnails (3)

How Do The Phases Work?

How It Works

We're aiming to safely reopen our Country while locally managing the risk of transmission by maximising vaccination rates and continued surveillance testing. Read more about the previous phases of border reopening in the Cayman Islands below or scroll down to learn about future phases.

Guiding Principles of the plan 

  1. A phased approach based on the best medical science and data
  2. Acceptance of securely verified vaccination ceritficates
  3. An acceptable local vaccination rate
  4. Ongoing assessment of key Public Health and Healthcare indicators
  5. Working in partnership with stakeholders
  6. Keeping the community informed

Note, the transition between phases is determined by the CMO’s assessment of prevalence rates in key travel markets, vaccination rate, prevalence of Variants of Concern, the level of hospitalisations and death rates.


The Plan for Safely Reopening the Cayman Islands is built on safely reintroducing tourism to the economy and travel for residents and is a phased approach which allows for assessment at each phase. Assessments will be conducted using the best available medical science and data to determine transition to the next phase.


Transition between phases will be determined by the Chief Medical Officer’s assessment of prevalence rates in main Cayman Islands travel markets, local vaccination rate, prevalence of variants of concern, levels of hospitalisation and death rates.


As restrictions are relaxed, Public Health will continue to monitor the local prevalence rate and the spread of COVID-19. The trigger for introduction of Public Health intervention in all phases will be two non-related community clusters requiring hospital admission.

At all times, the safety, health and wellbeing of the people of the Cayman Islands remains the Government’s priority

Reopening LP Phase Thumbnails (1)Phase 1 became effective June 2021. Continued uptake of local vaccination and low COVID-19 prevalence rates in key Cayman Islands travel markets allow for the introduction of reduced quarantine periods and easing of other travel restrictions.

Reopening LP Phase Thumbnails (2)

Phase 2 became effective on 9 August 2021. Easing the monitoring of vaccinated travellers by the removal of GPS monitoring will allow CI Government to assess local impacts and build capacity to manage the increase in traveller volume anticipated with the opening of the borders in Phase 3.

What Are The Future Phases?

What Is Phase 4?

Phase 4 ribbon

During this phase quarantine requirements will be removed for all securely verified vaccinated travellers.

It is anticipated that the local vaccination rate will be adequate, allowing for the safe increase in tourism and further relaxation of restrictions.


What Has Changed?

On Friday 22 October it was announced that Phase 4 of the reopening plan was expected to commence on 20 November, 2021. More details of phase 4 will be announced once approved by Cabinet. Read more

Why Do We Have To Wait For Further Details?

As with any legislation in the Cayman Islands, the next phases of reopening need to first be approved by The Cabinet in order to be implemented as a policy or law.

The Cabinet made up of the Premier, seven other Ministers, one of whom is the Deputy Premier, and two non-voting members.  They meet weekly to make decisions. They formulate and direct the implementation of policy related to every aspect of government.

You can read summaries of their meetings here.

More details of the future phases of border reopening will be announced, and placed on this page, once approved by The Cabinet. Read more

What Is Phase 5?

Phase 5 ribbon

During this phase, unvaccinated children under age 12 will be allowed to travel with vaccinated adult tourists. Cruise tourism remains prohibited.

More details of phase 5 will be announced once approved by Cabinet. Read more

Welcome Back

During this final phase assessment continues of COVID-19 in the local and international contexts to determine when and how to proceed with further relaxation of restrictions, including for cruise tourism.

More details of this phase will be announced once approved by Cabinet. Read more