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Current Travel Regulations have been extended to June 30, 2022 .  Learn more.

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Quarantine Requirements for Different Categories of Travellers

Cayman Islands Government
Published: January 24 2022
Last Updated: April 10, 2022

Quarantine requirements vary for each category of travellers. Click the links below to skip to the relevant questions or scroll down to read more:


Unvaccinated Travellers (Age 12 And Over)

Unvaccinated travellers are required to remain in quarantine for a minimum of 7 days, and undergo an exit PCR test before being released from quarantine.

Unvaccinated individuals need to quarantine because:

  • they have higher risk of getting infected
  • they pose a higher risk to the community because the virus will remain in their bodies longer
  • they are at a higher risk of complications if they get infected
  • positive unvaccinated individuals are usually more symptomatic than vaccinated


Travellers With Non-Securely Verifiable Vaccination Records

Travellers with non-securely verifiable vaccination records who travel from a country with a vaccination rate below 60% for the first dose of the vaccine are no longer required to quarantine if they:

  • Complete the pre-arrival test;
  • Complete a medical and travel questionnaire and undergo a medical examination if a Customs and Border Control (CBC) Officer considers it necessary;
  • Complete and submit a travel declaration to  Travel Cayman no less than 72 hours prior to departing; and
  • Provide evidence of the travel declaration when requested to do so by a CBC Officer.


Unaccompanied Unvaccinated Children (Caymanians, Residents, or Person with Close Ties)

Visiting unaccompanied children under the age of 12 years who is a Caymanian, resident, or person with close ties, even if unvaccinated, will not be required to quarantine if they intend to reside at a place where all other occupants, 12 years and over, are vaccinated.

However, the unaccompanied unvaccinated child will be required to quarantine if they intend to reside in a place where an unvaccinated person over the age of 12 years is also residing. 



Unaccompanied Unvaccinated Tourist Visitor Children

Unaccompanied unvaccinated tourist visitor children are still not allowed to travel to the Cayman Islands.


Vaccinated Travellers

Quarantine is not required for: 

  • Fully vaccinated travellers. 
  • Caymanians/Permanent Residents who were fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine (locally or overseas).
  • Unvaccinated children age 11 and younger who are assuming the vaccinated status of their adult travel companions.

Learn about our vaccination criteria.

Learn about the travel process for vaccinated travellers.








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