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How does exit testing work?

Cayman Islands Government
Published: February 2 2022
Last Updated: April 12, 2022

COVID-19 positive individuals, who have reached the end of their isolation period, can attend any of the daily exit PCR testing clinics:

  • Truman Bodden Sports Complex (parking lot drive-thru) – 7am – 11am
  • Ed Bush Sports Complex – 1pm – 3pm
  • Bodden Town Civic Centre – 1pm – 3pm

Once tested, individuals must return home and isolate until further instruction.

  • Fully vaccinated individuals are required to isolate for 6 days, with PCR test on day 7*
  • Individuals not fully vaccinated are required to isolate for 9 days, with PCR test on day 10*
    Note: The day of your original PCR test is considered Day 0.

Individuals due for exit PCR testing include:

  • Persons who tested positive
  • Unvaccinated adult (18+) household members of a positive (in the above categories)

Fully vaccinated persons (or unvaccinated children) eligible and currently testing negative for daily lateral flow testing, do not need a PCR test.

The afternoon testing clinic is for exiting testing for community cases only.


What if I test positive on my exit-PCR?

Public Health has issued guidelines and a new online platform for persons to check their eligibility for isolation release when testing positive for COVID-19 on exit PCR. These guidelines for potential release are only for persons whom have completed their full isolation period, are asymptomatic and are within certain CT values. Parameters for persons who require retesting are also now available.


CT values 32 or over (on exit test)

  • Completed isolation period (7 days for vaccinated and 10 days for unvaccinated, unvaccinated children isolate based on the vaccination status of parent/guardian)
  • All CT values are 32 or over on an exit PCR test
  • No symptoms for at least 24 hours (you may still have dry cough, loss of smell and taste, runny nose)

Individuals who meet these criteria can submit an early release request to Public Health through the online form here or at www.hsa.ky/public-health.The form will require the uploading of your exit PCR result. If the criteria are met and receive an isolation release exit confirmation email, no further action is required and you can leave isolation. All submitted results will be verified in the Public Health database to ensure its authenticity.


CT values 28-31.9 (on exit test)

  • Please contact Flu Hotline for further assessment (flu@hsa.ky, 1-800-534-8600 or 947-3077)


CT values 27.9 and under (on exit test)

If you have received a positive PCR result with a CT value less than 28 upon exit testing at the end of your isolation period, please follow the retesting guidelines below.

Criteria for Retest:

  • Completed isolation period
    • 7 days for vaccinated
    • 10 days for unvaccinated
    • Unvaccinated children isolate based on the vaccination status of parent/guardian
  • Isolation exit test with a CT value of 25-27.9: repeat PCR testing 2 days after your last PCR test
  • Isolation exit test with a CT value 20-24.9: repeat PCR testing 4 days after your last PCR test
  • Isolation exit test with a CT value under 20: contact the Flu Hotline for retesting date

Note: the retest date is counted from the date you took your previous exit PCR Test.

For example:

  • Isolation exit test taken February 1. If your values are 25-27.9, retest on February 3 (2 days later).
    • Isolation exit test taken February 1. If your values are 20-24.9, retest on February (4 days later).


If you have questions regarding your CT values please contact the Flu Hotline flu@hsa.ky, 1-800-534-8600 or 947-3077.


As a reminder, if you have a negative PCR result upon exit testing, the lab result will serve as your isolation release letter. No further action is required and you may resume normal activities.

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