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Services Offered by the Centre For Business Development

Cayman Islands Government
Published: November 26 2021
Last Updated: November 26, 2021

Services are available to established businesses wishing to improve or expand their businesses or to aspiring entrepreneurs interested in starting a business. These services are free and confidential.

Business Coaching & Counselling: Business advisors sit with clients in confidential one-on-on counselling sessions helping them to clarify their business vision, goals and the strategy to achieve them.

Business Training: Expert training in various fields of business to help you improve your ability to manage your business. 

Feasibility Studies: Before pursuing a business opportunity, it is always good to ensure the idea is feasible. The Centre for Business Development will give you the tools and teach you how to conduct the necessary research.

Opportunity Assessments: A business opportunity exists only so far as there are significant number of people willing to pay for the product or service. The Centre for Business Development will help you assess the market opportunity before you take that plunge.

Reviewing Business Plans/Marketing Plans: Business Plans, marketing Plans and Strategic Plans are important documents for guiding the growth of a business. The Centre for Business Development provide templates and guidance to completing them.

Preparation of Business Cases: You may be pitching for a project, for investment or a joint venture partnership. You will need to make a business case. The Centre for Business Development provide templates and our advisors will guide you through the steps to making a strong, convincing business case. 

Strategic Planning: Planning is critical for growth. Strategic Planning helps you set a vision, mission, goals and performance targets for your business. It helps you know for sure whether your business is performing well. Advisors will show you how.

Financial Planning/Management: The Centre for Business Development will help you prepare and understand your financial statements and prepare you for accessing various forms of financing.

Business Model Design & Testing: The Centre for Business Development will help you improve the ways in which your business makes money.

Networking Events: The Centre for Business Development understands the value of building strong networks. The Centre for Business Development hosts and subscribe to events that give our entrepreneurs the opportunity to increase the value and quality of their network.

If you are interested in obtaining these services email CICBD@gov.ky or call 244-8009 to book an appointment. 

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