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New regulations on mask wearing, pre-arrival testing, and unvaccinated Caymanian travellers are now in effect.  Learn more. 

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COVID-19 Holiday Safety Advice for Retailers

Cayman Islands Government
Published: December 1 2021
Last Updated: December 1, 2021

Keep Customers, Staff and Your Business Safe From COVID-19 During the Holiday Rush

Protecting Staff

  • Ensure workers wear masks that cover their nose and mouth
  • Screen temperatures with an infrared contactless camera
  • Encourage regular lateral flow tests
  • Ventilate working areas where possible
  • Introduce staggered break times
  • Immediately isolate and send home employees displaying any of the three main COVID-19 symptoms
  • Add clear barriers to separate staff and customers if you can

Protecting Customers

  • Limit the amount of people in store to avoid overcrowding
  • Introduce one-way systems and designated exits
  • Provide adequate customer signage on store COVID-19 policies including mask wearing
  • Create sanitising stations
  • Regularly restock soap and hand washing in restrooms
  • Create dedicated hours for the elderly and vulnerable people
  • Offer contactless returns and limited handling of goods during the sales process

Protecting Your Business

  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Implement online ordering
  • Stay updated with public health protocols and local guidelines
  • Create a regular daily cleaning and sanitisation procedure that includes all high-touch areas, like conveyancers and delivery vehicles.


As a retailer, it’s your responsibility to protect anyone who comes into contact with your business to the best of your ability. This includes staff, delivery drivers, customers, and the public.


For more resources and guidance for your business visit: https://www.exploregov.ky/coronavirus-business-guidance

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