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COVID-19 Guidance: Walking Tracks

Walking tracks in the Cayman Islands are now open for use. The following guidance is provided to assist the safe re-opening of tracks:

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All all times, social distancing (minimum 6ft between people of different households) is required.


Can I Use Walking Tracks?

Yes. There are a few rules to follow that will help keep you and other users safe:

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What Rules Should I Follow At Walking Tracks?


  • The number of users at any given time will be restricted to a capacity that ensures a 6 foot radius for each user.
  • All users are to move in an anti-clockwise direction around the track.
  • Only the innermost and outermost lanes are to be used.
  • The innermost lane is to be used for walkers and slow joggers.
  • The outermost lane is to be used for passing those on the innermost lane.
  • No scooters, bikes or skateboards are allowed on the track.
  • The infield of the walking track can be used for exercise in groups up to six persons for non-contact activities.Each member of the group must maintain a 6 feet of distance from each other and other groups.

When are walking tracks open?

Download our guidance for the latest information on opening hours for walking tracks.

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More Questions?

Visit our FAQs section for further guidance on other topics.

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