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COVID-19 Guidance: Churches

On Sunday, 21st June 2020 the Prevention, Control and Suppression of COVID-19 (Partial Lifting of Restrictions)(No.2) Regulations, 2020 come into effect meaning that churches may reopen.

The following guidance is provided to assist the safe re-opening and operation of churches in the Cayman Islands.

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All all times, social distancing (minimum 6ft between people of different households) and wearing masks or face coverings is required.

Can I go to Church?

Yes. From Sunday 21st June, churches may open.


What Rules Should I Follow In Church?


  • All Churches must ensure adequate distancing of 6 feet from people not in the same  household – front-to-back and side-to-side.  For smaller places of worship, social distancing may mean fewer than 25 persons may be able to safely congregate.
  • Offices and other 'work' spaces should allow 40sq/ft. per person. Masks should be worn if working indoors and social distancing cannot be achieved. 
  • Services should be about an hour, but no more than 90 mins.
  • A minimum of 6 ft. must be maintained between persons at all times. In the case of persons speaking and/or singing it must be 8ft.
  • Except for persons speaking or leading singing, all persons should wear face coverings. (Disposable masks should be on hand).
  • There should be no gatherings of persons at any time before or after service. Entryways and exits should be free flowing so that there is no crowding.
  • Entry and exit should be so arranged so that there will be no need to touch doors.
  • Sanitising of hands is necessary for all persons entering and exiting a meeting place.
  • Sanitising should also be employed after congregants have exited the building to protect from any common objects that are touched.
  • Suitable arrangements should be made to ensure that there can be no virus transmission as a result of handling offering receptacles, bulletins, hymnals etc. Person to person contact must also be avoided by all persons.
  • Individuals with any type of colds, flu symptoms or any other illness should remain at home and follow proceedings online.
  • Children and other 'non-service' activities should not be held at church for the time being.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that items uses by different persons are sanitized before, (during if necessary) and after services. Eg. microphones, pulpit etc.
  • There should be a one hour space between services if there are multiple services with maximal fresh air ventilation. This would facilitate for proper sanitisation of the premises. All high contact services must be sanitized. Special care must be taken re. washrooms, light switches, paper dispensers etc.
  • Some windows and doors should be left opened during services to ensure an adequate flow of fresh air in the seating area.
  • Air condition filters should be cleaned and the type used should be effective in filtering out viruses. (Recommended filters MARV8-13).
  • Regardless of the size of the church, weddings will be limited to 25 persons other than the bride, bridegroom, official witnesses and the marriage officer.
  • Regardless of the size of the church, funerals will be limited to 25 persons other than the six pallbearers, at least one officiant and essential mortuary staff.


More Questions?

Visit our FAQs section for further guidance on other topics.

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