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COVID-19 FAQs: Guidance On Financial Assistance

Cayman Islands Government
Published: July 13 2020
Last Updated: January 26, 2021

Financial Support for Persons affected by the COVID-19 Crisis

This section covers financial support for persons affected by COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands. If your income has been affected due to COVID-19, you may be eligible for financial support from the Government. Click the links below to access the relevant section.

  1. Applying for Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) Assistance
  2. Pensions
  3. Applying For The Displaced Caymanian Tourism Stipend Programme
  4. Cayman Islands Centre For Business Development
  5. Support for Families
  6. Support for Agriculture
  7. More questions



Applying for Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) assistance

If you fit the following categories, you may be eligible for ongoing assistance from the Needs Assessment Unit (NAU):

  • Caymanian or Cayman Status Holder
  • Combined household income of less than $3,000 per month
  • You have neither withdrawn nor are asking to withdraw from your pension funds

To register for NAU support, visit http://www.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/nauhome/publications/pre-assessment-form.

For further information call the Unit at 946-0024 (GC) or 948-8758 (CB).



Pensions Holiday & Pensions Withdrawal

As per the National Pensions (Amendment) Law, 2020, in the Cayman Islands there is a pension holiday and you may withdraw your pension until 31 October 2020.

To further aid in the rebound of the Cayman economy and to alleviate the financial strain the pandemic has had on industries, the National Pensions (Amendment) Act 2020, in accordance with section 1(3) of that Law relating to the pension holiday, has been extended.

Cabinet has granted an approval for a further extension of the pension holiday period now to expire on 30 June 2021, during which time all employers and employees will not be required to pay into pension plans.

Both Caymanian and non-Caymanian employees and self-employed persons will be allowed to withdraw funds from their pension accounts with the exception of persons that have claimed normal or early pension entitlement aka "normal or early retirement".

Public servants with pension contributions under the National Pensions Law that were paid by a statutory authority or government company are also not eligible to withdraw their pension contributions.

Read more about this here.

As per the National Pensions (Amendment) Law, 2020, in the Cayman Islands you may withdraw your pension until 31 October 2020. The deadline for applications to withdraw pensions has now passed. Read more about this here.


Applying For The Displaced Caymanian Tourism Stipend Programme


In January 2021, the Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport extended registration for the Displaced Caymanian Tourism Stipend programme. Displaced tourism workers who have not yet registered to receive the tourism stipend will have another opportunity to do so between Tuesday, 26 and Friday 29 January 2021. For more information on how to register, please click here.

These payments are aimed at assisting Caymanians who worked in the Tourism sector and have been displaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Payments have been extended until June 2021. Individuals who have previously been granted this stipend need not re-apply. They will receive an extension automatically.


Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development

The Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development has moved into another phase of support packages for micro and small businesses. Support packages are now available to cover wages, digital enablement, commercial rent assistance, business continuity plans among other areas for micro and small businesses.

Micro businesses may apply for support not exceeding $10,000, and up to $20,000 is available for small businesses. Learn more

The Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development (CICBD), in the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, is working with the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) through the Student Consulting Programme to provide free and confidential advice to small businesses.

The ten-week programme, which begins in February 2021, will partner small businesses with upper-level business students at UCCI. The students will provide advice to business owners to solve a particular problem or reach a specific goal.


Support for Families

Support for fathers

We understand that parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging. The Family Resource Centre (FRC) has begun a Fathers First programme starting 1 February, 2021. The 10-week group sessions, running each Monday, are designed to enhance and support the skills and behaviours of fathers living apart from their children. The course was is especially helpful in supporting men’s parenting in the household or following divorce and separation. Read more


Support for New Parents

Long-term comprehensive services are available to support young parents between the ages of 13-25. Learn more here


Support for Agriculture

During the COVID-19 pandemic in the Cayman Islands, agriculture became a particular focus for support. The Ministry of Agriculture set aside one million dollars in 201 to ensure that our farmers, especially those negatively affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, gain access to seeds, fertilisers and other essential agricultural input. Read more


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