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COVID-19 Guidance: Inbound Repatriation Flights

Cayman Islands Government
Published: October 8 2020
Last Updated: July 20, 2021

Inbound repatriation flights

This section covers information relating to inbound travel to the Cayman Islands and the repatriation flights approved by the Cayman Islands Government.

Please note, changes to Regulations including the introduction of five days quarantine for vaccinated travellers and the reinstatement of 72-hour pre-arrival PCR testing have come into effect as of Wednesday, 23, June 2021. Read more

Travel to the Cayman Islands is limited to approved travellers only (link). Review the ‘What you need to know section for entry and quarantine requirements for all travellers (link)


Repatriation flights

While the Cayman Islands borders are closed, Cayman Airways and British Airways are the only airlines permitted to offer repatriation flights to and from the Cayman Islands. Our seaports remain closed to cruise ships until further notice.

Repatriation flights are for essential travel only and flight availability and seats are limited in order to mitigate the risk and spread of COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands.

Travellers should book repatriation flights directly with the approved airline carriers: Cayman Airways and British Airways, and must have Travel Cayman approval prior to entering the Cayman Islands.


Cayman Airways

In partnership with the Cayman Islands Government, Cayman Airways is offering repatriation flights to Grand Cayman from various destinations. These include La Ceiba, Honduras; Kingston, Jamaica; Havana, Cuba; and, Miami, Florida. For the latest news and information on Cayman Airways repatriation flights, visit www.caymanairways.com/latest-news

Persons wishing to travel on a Cayman Airways repatriation flights should book directly with Cayman Airways by calling Cayman Airways Reservations on 345-949-2311, or:

  • In the USA, call 305-266-4141 or (toll free) 1-800-422-9626
  • In Jamaica, call 876-613-9105 or (toll free) 866-759-1372
  • In La Ceiba, call (toll free) 800-2791-9422


British Airways

British Airways is operating a repatriation service between Grand Cayman and Heathrow Airport, UK. This schedule will continue to be reviewed until normal commercial services can be resumed. Approved flights with British Airways are 14 July, 28 July, 11 August, 18 August, 25 August, 08 September, and 22 September.

To make a booking contact British Airways directly at www.ba.com 

Please Note: When checking-in for an inbound flight to the Cayman Islands, all passengers must present their travel authorisation certificate issued by Travel Cayman, their negative PCR test result along with their passport and any other standard documents required for travel.

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