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COVID-19 Guidance: Travel Process

Cayman Islands Government
Published: October 8 2020
Last Updated: March 30, 2021

Cayman Islands Travel Process

This section covers information relating to the process of inbound travel in regards to COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands. 

Approved Traveller Categories

Inbound flights to the Cayman Islands are limited to the following categories of traveller:

  • Caymanians,
  • Permanent residents,
  • Work permit holders and their families,
  • Persons who own residential property within the Cayman Islands,
  • Students with a valid visa to study in the Cayman Islands,
  • Persons with close family ties to residents or work permit holders - spouses, fiancés, parents, grandparents and siblings,
  • Persons approved on the Global Citizen Concierge Program,
  • Other approved visitors approved via the Travel Cayman team.
Pre-Travel Approval
Persons wishing to travel to Grand Cayman must apply via the Travel Cayman portal.
Travellers can book repatriation flights directly with the approved airline carriers: Cayman Airways and British Airways but must have Travel Cayman approval prior to entering the Cayman Islands.


Entry Requirements

All persons wishing to enter the Cayman Islands must be pre-approved by Travel Cayman.

Unvaccinated travellers entering the Cayman Islands are required to remain in isolation for a minimum of 14 days after which a day 15 negative test result and sign off by the Medical Officer of Health is required for the quarantine period to cease.

As of 22 March 2021, vaccinated travellers may qualify for a 10-day quarantine period. Travellers will be required to provide proof of vaccination and provide the original certificate upon arrival.

When applying for pre-travel approval, travellers must also select one of the following quarantine options:

  1. Quarantine at a Government Sponsored Facility
  2. Quarantine at a Privately-Run Facility
  3. Quarantine at Residence wearing a Monitoring Device with Geofencing Technology

All travellers aged 10 and older arriving in to the Cayman Islands will need to show evidence of a negative result from a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours prior to departure. The negative result must be presented upon airport check-in. For more information visit the FAQs section.

All travellers aged 5 and over will be given a PCR test at the airport on arrival in the Cayman Islands and will receive their results within 72 hours.

Non-resident travellers must provide proof of health insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage, or attest that they understand the financial risks they are taking and that they have independent means to cover any medical and/or accommodation and travel costs.

When checking-in for the flight, all passengers must present their travel authorisation certificate issued by Travel Cayman along with their negative PCR test result with their passport any other standard documents required for travel.

Travel Cayman F.A.Q.'s

  1. My flight is not listed. When are flights available on the system?
  2. Where is the button to add a new Travel Request?
  3. What is the difference between a Traveller, an Occupant and an Organizer?
  4. Pre-arrival testing FAQs

My flight is not listed. When are flights available on the system?

Flights are generally made available four to six weeks prior to the travel date. At present only repatriation flights agreed with British Airways and Cayman Airways are known to be operating, and only confirmed flights are listed. Please note that some airlines are showing availability on their websites for flights that have not been confirmed, and these are therefore not available on Travel Cayman.

Flights are removed from the Travel Cayman portal three days prior to departure. We are unable to process applications in less than three days. If you have a reason to travel that can be considered an emergency, such as a serious illness amongst immediate family members, please contact the Travel Cayman team directly with details. 

Where is the button to add a new Travel Request?

The button to add a new travel request is only visible after the primary traveller’s details have been entered under using the Profile menu. Once you have entered and saved the first traveller’s information, return to Travel Requests and you will see the green +Travel Request button. On computers and tablets it is at the top of the page. On smaller screens such as on mobile phones, it will appear at the bottom of the screen.”

What is the difference between a Traveller, an Occupant and an organizer?

A Traveller in the system is someone who is travelling to the Cayman Islands, whereas an Occupant is someone who is already in the Cayman Islands and has agreed to spend the required time in Quarantine with returning travellers. All such Occupants need to be declared in the system, so that they can be fitted with a geofencing wristband prior to the arrival of the traveller(s).
An Organiser is someone who is neither travelling, nor spending time in quarantine.
For example, if a student is returning home to the Cayman Islands and will be quarantining at home with his or her parents, then the student is a Traveller, and the parents are both Occupants.

Quarantine Information

Read information on quarantine here.


Still have Questions?

Visit our travel homepage.  


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