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COVID-19 Guidance: Outbound Travel

Cayman Islands Government
Published: October 8 2020
Last Updated: November 13, 2020

Cayman Islands Outbound Travel Guidance

This section covers information relating to outbound travel & repatriation flights in regards to COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands. 


Outbound international flights from the Cayman Islands are repatriation flights.

The two airline carriers operating repatriation flights from the Cayman Islands are British Airways and Cayman Airways.

Non-essential travel is strongly discouraged, as options to return are limited and your stay overseas may be longer than anticipated.

There is no need to apply to Travel Cayman for outbound flights. However when returning to the Cayman Islands all travellers must apply via the Travel Cayman portal. 


Questions About Going To The UK

For more information about going to the UK and frequently asked questions click here.


Types Of Travel

British Airways

British Airways operates a weekly service between Grand Cayman and Heathrow Airport, UK. Flights can be booked directly at www.ba.com.


Cayman Airways

Cayman Islands is offering repatriation flights from Grand Cayman based on demand.

To book a repatriation flight from Grand Cayman, visit www.caymanairways.com or call Cayman Airways Reservations at 345-949-2311.


Private Jet & Private Charter

If you are intending to travel from the Cayman Islands in a private jet or charter, your aircraft operator must contact the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands at civil.aviation@caacayman.com for prior authorisation. The Civil Aviation Authority requires up to 6 days’ to provide authorisations. For further information please refer to the CAACI website.


Note: Some airlines are offering flights to the Cayman Islands and accepting future bookings. However, no airlines have permission to operate commercial flights while our borders are closed. If you make reservations directly with any airline while the island borders are closed you do so at your own risk and should be aware that vouchers issued by airlines are not transferable to British Airways or Cayman Airways repatriation flights


Information On Repatriation Flights And Residents Seeking To Return To Home Countries


Until borders are fully opened, only private aircraft operations or charters and repatriation flights operated by Cayman Airways and British Airways are allowed to enter Cayman. Although Travel Cayman approval is not required to leave the Island, Government continues to caution residents that travel should be limited to essential or medical needs only.

Cayman Airways is currently providing repatriation service to Miami, USA; Kingston, Jamaica; and, Le Ceiba, Honduras. British Airways operates a weekly service between Grand Cayman and London, Heathrow.

For the latest news and information on repatriation flights, visit www.caymanairways.com



Still have Questions?

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