Table Of Contents

  1. Register for COVID-19 Screening
  2. Restaurants & Bars
  3. Construction Sites
  4. Apply for Business Exemption Now
From Sunday 21 June, most businesses are allowed to operate in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. You can read details on this here.

Register for COVID-19 Screening

COVID-19 Screening Registration is Open

If you have not been COVID-19 screened but want to register for screening, please fill book an appointment.

Register for COVID-19 Screening


Restaurants & Bars

From Tuesday, 25 August, in the Cayman Islands, restaurants and bars may offer indoor and outdoor services. In some public places you must wear a mask or face covering. These include healthcare facilities, residential care home facilities, airports, taxis, omnibuses and any other place deemed so by the Medical Officer for Health. You may choose to or choose not to wear masks or face coverings in other locations. If you are indoors a public place and wish to wear a mask or cloth face covering, you cannot be denied entry by the owner or operator. 


Construction Sites

Please note: construction companies will be contacted by the Department of Planning regarding obtaining an exemption independently of this form. Site owners will need to provide detailed staff lists that will be then used to contact staff for COVID-19 screening. 

Apply for Business Exemption Now

There is no need to apply for a business exemption in order to operate a business in the Cayman Islands. Businesses may operate provided they follow current regulations found here.