Ensuring minimum impact of the COVID-19 virus on the Cayman Islands is the highest priority for the Cayman Islands Government, and this includes consideration on when borders will re-open. All airports in the Cayman Islands - Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman, Charles Kirkconnell International Airport in Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman Airport - will remain closed to international leisure and non-essential travel until at least 1 September 2020, according to decisions taken by Cabinet. Official decisions regarding border opening continue to be reviewed by the Cayman Islands Government and further decisions will be announced as available.


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Travel Advice

  1. Are Airports Open?
  2. Travel Advice FAQs
  3. Travellers In Cayman FAQs


Caymanians Living Overseas

  1. Caymanians Overseas FAQs
  2. I am overseas and wish to go home, what do I do?
  3. When is the next airbridge flight to Cayman from the UK?
  4. I have flights booked with BA for a holiday/to visit family this Summer, what should I do?
  5. My son/daughter is due to return to school in the UK for a potential start in September, but we are not sure schools will open, what should I do?


Returning From Overseas

  1. Returning From Overseas Process
    1. Pre-Flight
    2. Arrival
    3. At Facility




Travel Advice

This section covers questions relating to travel. Click the buttons to read our answers or click on the specific items below. Please note: Travellers and non-residents seeking to leave the Cayman Islands can now use a new TravelTime application form to register interest if the means to do so become available. There are limited options available and no guarantees, but by filling out the form you help us to understand and facilitate for demand.




  1. Are Airports Open?
  2. Travel Advice FAQs
  3. Travellers In Cayman FAQ





Caymanians Living Overseas

This section covers questions relating to Caymanians Overseas with answers provided by the Cayman Islands Government Office in the United Kingdom (CIGO-UK).

Supporting Caymanians overseas has always been one of the key areas of activity for CIGO-UK and has been put into heightened focus as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. CIGO-UK have five members on the team who are working remotely, conducting daily internal team zoom calls, answering consular services enquiries, and assisting Caymanians overseas. 

If you are a Caymanian and wish to return to the Cayman Islands, use the TravelTime Application Form.

Click the button to read our answers.

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Returning From Overseas

Arrangements For You

Arrangements have been made to accommodate inbound passengers on international flights

Isolation Accommodations

On medical advice, isolation accommodations have been made available

Get In Touch

Persons with an urgent and compassionate need to travel should fill out the TravelTime Application form






Caymanians, Residents and Work Permit Holders seeking to return to Cayman can use our TravelTime application form.


Caymanians & Permanent Residents Returning to Cayman

Caymanians and Permanent Residents returning from overseas must isolate for 14 days at one of Government’s mandatory isolation facilities but will bear no cost.

At the end of the 14-day period all persons will be tested for COVID-19 and must receive a negative test result before they will be allowed to leave the facility.


Work Permit Holders Returning To Cayman

Work permit holders returning to the Cayman Islands on any of the ongoing evacuation/repatriation flights will need to spend 14 days at one of Government’s mandatory isolation facilities at their own cost. Read more details here.

At the end of the 14-day period all persons will be tested for COVID-19 and must receive a negative test result before they will be allowed to leave the facility


Returning From Overseas Process

If you are returning home on an emergency travel flight, we look forward to welcoming you home and wish to share the support procedures which are mandatory for all Caymanians, Residents and Work Permit Holders arriving from overseas on an emergency travel flight after airports closed to international passengers at 11:59pm on Sunday, 22 March 2020.




All returning Caymanians and Cayman Islands residents are required to enter mandatory isolation at a facility designated by the Cayman Islands Government for a minimum period of 14 days.

Arriving passengers must agree to this mandatory isolation period at the facility prior to arriving in the Cayman Islands.

For the avoidance of doubt, any passenger who boards an TravelTime flight to the Cayman Islands is required to isolate at the designated facility for the entirety of the isolation period.

Please note that all Cayman Airways emergency flight tickets (except infants) include one personal item, one carry-on not exceeding 11" x 16" x 24", and two checked pieces of luggage (55 lbs. each, not exceeding linear dimensions of 62"). No additional pieces or overweight/oversize luggage will be permitted. No pets are allowed.

All passengers must present at check-in and boarding with their own face mask (or face covering) which they must wear for the entire duration of the flight. Passengers without a face mask (or face covering) will not be permitted to board the flight.



All passengers are required to disembark the aircraft wearing a face mask (or face covering). 

Upon arrival there will be passenger screening inside the Owen Roberts International Airport Arrivals Hall. This may result in longer than usual processing times. If a passenger is displaying symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, or coughing, further guidance will be provided on site by Public Health.

To help reduce the risk of possible transmission of COVID-19 to relatives, friends and the wider Cayman Islands community, returning passengers will not be able to participate in a physical meet and greet on arrival. Direct transportation will be provided from the airport to the isolation facility. Relatives and friends are discouraged from leaving their homes to wait at the airport as this transfer will occur air-side.

Telecommunications services are in place at the designated isolation facility. Returning passengers can virtually reconnect with relatives and friends once checked-in and throughout the isolation period.


At Facility

All passengers are required to isolate at the designated facility for a minimum of 14 days once they arrive. The government has arranged hotel accommodations for returning residents and students in order for them to isolate away from home. Work Permit Holders must use the mandatory isolation facilities at their own cost. Caymanians and Residents will be provided this without cost

Accommodation, meals, access to WiFi, medical support, and basic support services will be provided as required. During the isolation period, passengers will be able to receive packages delivered by relatives and friends at the facility reception desk. No direct person-to-person contact is permitted. Guidance on this and other important information will be provided in the facility orientation guide during check-in.

Everyone in the isolation facility will be tested for COVID-19 at the end of the isolation period, on the 15th day after their arrival. A negative test result and sign off by a public health professional will be required prior to receiving clearance to leave the isolation facility.

Once public health clearance has been received, those returning to a home with a vulnerable person (i.e. persons who are elderly or have pre-existing medical conditions) are advised to continue to follow home isolation protocols for a further seven days.