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Take a look at the latest news, press releases, and updates from the Cayman Islands Government on COVID-19 detailed below. For verified announcements, new regulations and policies click here.


News & Updates


Monday, 1 June Testing Update: 805 tests have been carried out since Friday, 29 May. Of these cases, nine have tested positive for COVID-19. Read more

Friday, 29 May Government Update: Easing of restrictions in stages from 1 June but curfews unchanged this weekend. Out of 673 results today, one tested positive - an asymptomatic community transmitted case. FCO-donated gene expert machine for rapid testing arrived at the HSA today and enhance testing capability in Cayman Brac. Evacuation flight to London confirmed for 12 June, will also return a limited number of passengers to the Cayman Islands. Read more

Thursday, 28 May Testing Update: 292 tests all of which were negative. No cases have presented for clinical management since the last such case on 27 April. Read more

  • Why Is My Package On Hold? CIPS Answers. Read more
  • Community Partnership with Rotary Central Places COVID-19 Messages On Bus Shelters. Read more

Wednesday, 27 May Government Update: Three positive results out of 359 new results were reported. Over 10,000 people have been tested in the Cayman Islands, placing us sixth in the world in per capita testing for COVID-19. The Finance Minister presents financial facts and projections. Cabinet meets on Thursday to discuss reopening of remaining construction industry activities and further easing of social restrictions. Negotiations for additional evacuation flights are ongoing. All charities wishing to help should register with the Red Cross. Read more.

  • Tourism Accommodations Update: Waiver of Tourism Accommodation Tax. Read more.
  • Finance Minister Hon. Roy McTaggart Presents Financial Picture. Read more
  • Savannah Post Office to Reopen this Week. Read more.
  • Update on International Mail. Read More
  • CBC Confirms Officer Tested Positive for COVID-19. Read More.

Monday, 25 May Government Update: Five positive results out of 975 results were reported. Phased reopening and screening of the construction industry continues, the next UK air bridge is due to take place in the first half of June, further evacuation flights to Miami scheduled for 12 and 26 June, the Cuban government has agreed to provide the Cayman Islands with previously requested medical personnel. Read more.

  • Mail to USA Resumes. Read more.
  • Cayman Airways Adds Extra Repatriation Flights to Miami for June. Read more.

Friday, 22 May Government Update: Since last Sunday, 1,935 tests have been run, placing the Cayman Islands in the top 10 jurisdictions in overall tests per million of population. Out of 467 additional tests today, there are 8 positives, with one contact with a known case and 7 from community transmission; 359 tested negative. All positives are frontline staff. Read more.

  • Community Mask Distribution Underway. Read more.
  • Cayman Airways Pilots Complete Operational Training Flight. Read more.
  • Employers Urged to Notify WORC of Cancelled Permits. Read more.
  • Department of Labour & Pensions Release Annual Reports. Read more.

Wednesday, 20 May Testing Update: 494 tests, all of which are negative. The Cayman Islands has had no new positive COVID-19 cases requiring clinical management since 27 April 2020. Read more 

Tuesday, 19 May Government Update: 17 positive results out of 1,182 results screened over the long weekend, screening of frontline health workers is complete and testing of other frontline workers is well underway, Cayman has tested 10% of the population ranking eighth in global testing per head, government strategy for reopening the economy proceeds carefully. The public is reminded to continue COVID-19 prevention practices including regular handwashing, social distancing and wearing masks in public enclosed spaces. Read more

  • HMCIPS Confirms Two COVID-19 Cases. Read more
  • CIFS Equipment Supports COVID-19 Efforts. Read more

Friday, 15 May Government Update: One positive result and 557 negatives were reported, relaxed restrictions to take effect on Tuesday, 19 May allowing; limited beach access, fishing and swimming in accordance with regulations, easing of hard curfew, and the reopening of some businesses. An evacuation flight to the Philippines is also scheduled for Saturday, 23 May. Read more

  • Isolation Policy Update for Returning Work Permit Holders. Read more
  • Amendments to Traffic Law Approved. Read more
  • Caymanians Supported Overseas During COVID-19. Read more
Thursday, 14 May Testing Update: a further 449 COVID-19 tests have been completed over the last 24 hours. Of these 449, seven people have tested positive for COVID-19. Read more

Wednesday, 13 May Government Update: One positive case, acquired through community transmission, 98 persons are in government isolation and 100 in Public Health mandated community isolation, next phase of relaxation of restrictions hopefully starts next week Tuesday, 19 May. Details will be announced at the press briefing on Friday. Read more

Tuesday, 12 May Testing Update: a further 377 COVID-19 tests have been completed. Of these, one person tested positive for COVID-19. Read more

  • Teams Drive Repatriation Work: Since the COVID-19 global pandemic closed borders across the world stranding many far from their home countries, approximately 380 Caymanians and permanent residents have been able to return to the Cayman Islands, thanks to efforts by a cross section of Government agencies. Read more
Monday, 11 May Government Update: Three positive results and 761 negatives were reported, Government plans for testing and screening are on track, the next segment due to gradually reopen is the construction and development industry, repatriation flight to the Dominican Republic scheduled for 17 May. Read more 
  • HSA Expands COVID-19 Testing Capacity. Read more
  • HSA Requires Facemasks Across Organisation Starting Monday, 11 May. Read more
  • Public Health Statement on Testing. Read more

Friday, 8 May Government Update: One positive result and 296 negatives were reported; the current trend of predominantly negatives is very encouraging. Government is working hard to ensure that local economic activities can reopen as quickly and as safely as possible. Read more 

  • Cayman Airways Confirms Miami and Dominican Republic Repatriation Flights. Read more

Thursday, 7 May Government Update: Cayman Brac hard curfew is reduced, allowing both fishing and boating. Airports and seaports for cruise ships will remain shut until 1 September 2020. Two positive results and seventy four negative results were reported. Read more 

Wednesday, 6 May Government Update: Two hundred and ninety-eight negative results and no positives were announced. 96% of Little Cayman has been tested and two more evacuation flights have been added; one to the Dominican Republic and one to Miami. Read more 

Tuesday, 5 May Government Update: Three positive results among 224 results announced, hard curfew lifted on Little Cayman, AL Thompsons and Kirk Home Centre open for drive-through collection, special hard curfew exemptions for Mother's Day, RFA Argus departs, landscapers wishing to dispose of green waste at the landfill must carry appropriate exemptions. Read more

  • DEH Announces Landfill Rules. Read more
  • RFA Argus Arrives. Read more
  • Cayman Islands Postal Service Temporary Opening Hours. Read more
  • Cayman Airways confirms repatriation flight to Costa Rica. Read more

Monday, 4 May Government Update: One positive result among 600 results announced, restrictions on Sister Islands soon to be lifted, General Registry resumes issuing certificates, Royal Navy Task Force ship anchored off Seven Mile Beach, repatriation flights to Honduras and Costa Rica scheduled for 8 May. Read more

Friday, 1 May Government Update: One positive result among 392 results announced, new regulations coming into effect Monday include opening of money remittance facilities and other additional essential services, hard curfew will also be extended with changes, support for local musicians. Read more

  • Application Form To Access Emergency Withdrawal of Pensions Fund Issued.

Apply Now

  • Governor and Premier Welcome Disaster Relief Funds. Read more
  • COVID-19 Testing Boosted. Read more
  • Special Measures for Collecting Dutiable Items During COVID-19 Soft Curfew. Read more
  • Clearing a Box Inside the General Post Office During Soft Curfew. Read more
  • Visiting the Post Office During COVID-19 Soft Curfew. Read more
  • 30K Full PPE Kits Arrive Thanks To Partnership Between Cayman Islands Government and Health City. Read more.
  • Cayman Improves COVID Testing Resilience. Read more
  • WORC Employment Services Seeing Positive Results. Read more
  • High Demand Prompts Extra CAL Flight to Honduras. Read more

Wednesday, 29 April Government Update: 200 negative test results announced, with 200 people in Government isolation facilities, International Mail currently not available though limited postal services are available, DVDL allowing extended vehicle inspection certificate online, all beaches remain closed. Read more

Tuesday, 28 April Government Update: Three positive cases out of 187 test results, HSA continues to provide emergency and urgent care and is also now considering offering elective care, laws passed in the legislature last week, Further Repatriation Flights Organised. Read more.

Monday, 27 April Government Update: No New Positive Results, Expanded Testing Underway, Shelter in Place Restrictions to be Reviewed May 1, Pensions Legislation to Come into Effect, Postal Service Reopens, Further Repatriation Flights Organised. Read more

  • Family Resource Centre Rolls Out Parenting Initiative. Read more
  • Foster Group Helps Seniors Maintain Contact With Loved Ones. Read more
  • Cayman Islands Postal Service Ready to Reopen. Read more
  • Update on 2020-21 Scholarship Applications, Reminder Scholarship Secretariat Working Remotely. Read more

Friday, 24 April Government Update: 4 Positive Results, Doctor's Hospital Starts Testing, Phase One Of Expanded Testing To Begin, Successful Amendment To Legislation, Further Repatriation Flights Organised. Read more

  • RCIPS and CIFS Reinforce Road Safety Message. Read more
  • Overstayer Amnesty for Overstayers. Read more

Thursday, 23 April Video Update: Panel on Clinical Management of COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands. Watch here

  • Members of the Legislative Assembly Endorse Traffic Amendments. Read more
  • Immigration Law Changes Brought by Government. Read more.
  • First Historic Sitting of the Legislative Assembly with MLAs Participating via Electronic Means, Five Bills On the Agenda. Read more
  • Truman Bodden Law School Accepting Applications for 2020/2021 Academic Year. Read more
  • Closure Extended for All Educational Institutions Due to COVID-19. Read more

Wednesday, 22 April Government Update: 8 Negative Results, Social Distancing & Other Measures Are Working, Legislative Assembly to Meet for Review of Specific Laws, Evacuation Flight to Miami on 1 May, British Airways Air Bridge Booking Website Announced. Read more

  • Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure Announces Temporary Waiver of Trade and Business Licensing Applications Fees. Read more

Tuesday, 21 April Government Update: Expanded Testing of Frontline Workers Starts, Estimate 1,000 Cases to be Tested Over the Next Two Weeks, Next UK Air Bridge to Arrive 28 April, Business Owners Without Security Systems May Call on the Police to Assist with Property Checks. Read more

  • Cayman Islands Fire Service Warns Against Backyard Bonfires and Provides Alternatives to Better Manage Garden Waste and Precautions to Take if Bonfires are to be Used. Read more
  • Support to Come From UK Military/Civilian Planning and Logistics Team Including Medical Planners, Logistics Experts and Security Advisors. Read more

Monday, 20 April Government Update: 5 New Positive Cases, Details of the Testing Process, Outline of Pension Account Withdrawals Rules, UK Military Planning Team to Assist, Second British Airways Flight Expected 28 April. Read more

  • First Batch of Locally Made Face Masks Organised by Red Cross Distributed to Front-line Personnel from 17 April. Read more
  • Temporary Waiver of Trade and Business Licensing Application Fees. Read more

Friday, 17 April Government Update: 61 Positive Results Remain Unchanged, Cayman Islands Well On Its Way to Suppressing the Virus and Almost Ready to Ramp Up Wider Testing, Flight to Canada on 20 April. Read more

  • EXTERNAL: Mail Online: American Actor, Armie Hammer and Wife Elizabeth Share Positive Thoughts About Cayman Islands Government Handling of COVID-19. Read more
  • Upgrades Made as Demand Increases for Needs Assessment Unit, New Phone Numbers Available. Read more
  • Online Registration for the 2020/2021 School Year for Government Schools Will Open 27 April and Close 26 June. Read more

Thursday, 16 April Government Update: Curfews & Beach Access Restrictions Extended Till 1st May, Proposed Amendments to Immigration Law to Assist Work Permit Holders, Flight to Canada Planned. Read more  

Wednesday, 15 April  Government Update: Of 56 Test Results Received, Six Are Positive, Mass Testing To Start Early Next Week. Read more 

  • Minister for Education Provides Answers to Matters Concerning Education During COVID-19. Read more

Tuesday, 14 April Government Update: No Further Test Results, Five Admitted to Hospital Are Stable, Commissioner Warns of COVID-19 Cyber Scams. Read more

Monday, 13 April Government Update: Extension of Curfews Likely, Stricter Measures Should Conditions Worsen, 1 New Positive Case, Clinical Management of Patients Update, Public Asked to Follow Proper Garbage Disposal Guidelines. Read more

  • Premier's Statement April 13: The Government does have a  COVID-19 plan, Adherence Required by All, Widespread Testing to Start soon. Read more

Sunday, 12 April Video Update: Commissioner of Police Confirms Exercise Period Up to 90 Minutes Does Not Include Hard Curfew Days, Reiterates Penalties for Breach of Curfew and Restriction of Access to All Beaches Monday, 13 April. Watch here

  • All Persons Prohibited from Accessing All Beaches and the Coastline on Easter Monday, 13 April. Read more
  • New Toll-Free Phone Helpline to Support and Safeguard Older Persons, Staffed by Social Workers. Read more

Saturday, 11 April Government Update: 3 Days' Worth of COVID-19 Test Results Include 8 New Positive Cases, Public Beaches Will Close Easter Monday, Potential Private Sector Recovery Fund In the Works. Read more

  • Cayman Islands Provides 20,000 COVID-19 Testing Kits at Cost to Barbados. Read more

Thursday, 9 April Government Update: Residents Reminded to Stay Home over Easter Weekend, U.S. Authorities Release a Container of Medical Supplies Destined for Cayman, Test Kits from South Korea Pass Validation. Read more

  • Passport & Corporate Services Office Currently Unable to Accept Documents for Legalisation or Apostilles. Read more
  • Cabinet Office Not Accepting Manual Tax Undertaking Applications, Immigration Appeals Tribunal and Refugee Protection Appeals Tribunal Closed Until Further Notice for Manual Submissions and New Appeals. Read more

Wednesday, 8 April Government Update: Call for Vigilance in the Ongoing Battle with COVID-19, Alternative Sourcing of Ventilators Underway as U.S. Authorities Removed Supply from Shipment Destined for Cayman, Collaboration Between Hospitals Working to Establish National Testing Approach. Read more

  • 165,000 COVID-19 Testing Kits Arrived with More on the Way, Collaboration between Local Businessmen, Donations and Support from Mrs Susan Anne Olde OBE and Dart Corporation.Read more

Tuesday, 7 April Government Update: 114 New Results With 6 Testing Positive for COVID-19, Premier Thanks People for Complying With Measures and Expects Restrictions to Remain for 4 More Weeks, Persons Encouraged to Don Homemade Masks When Out. Read more

  • Fire Service Adapts to Provide Support to Other Services Should the Community Spread of COVID-19 Escalate.Read more
  • World Health Day Message from Minister Dwayne Seymour in the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. Read more
  • DOA Warehouse & Nursery to Close 11 April to Allow Staff Much Needed Rest Over Full Easter Holiday Weekend. Read more
  • EXTERNAL: Loop Cayman Feature: 10 Best pieces of news in Cayman during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more.

Monday, 6 April Government Update: Government Announces Relief for Micro & Small Businesses, 43 Students Tested Negative, Hotline Reporting for Domestic Abuse. Read more

  • Minister Joseph Hew's Update: Micro and Small Business Support, Centre for Business Development, Relief Measures for Businesses. Read more
  • Minister Dwayne Seymour's Update: Respiratory Care Unit Well Underway, Frontline Health Care Staff Precautions, Advice on Face Masks. Read more
  • British Airways Flight Arrives Carrying Urgent Pharmaceuticals, Personal Protective Equipment, Test Kits, 58 Caymanian Students. Read more.
  • Post Offices are Closed, the Public May Contact the CI Postal Service via Email and WhatsApp. Read more

Sunday, 5 April Government Update:  4 More Positive Results, Reckless Rogue Motorist Dealt With, Clarification that Exercise Should be Between 6am and 6pm, Persons May Enter the Water Only for the Purposes of Exercise and Swimming.  Read more

  • Health Services Authority Maternity Allows for One Accompanying Person During Labour. Read more

Saturday, 4 April Government Update: 27 negative results from the Government isolation facility all tests negative, 19 other test results of which 6 were positive (1 positive test in Cayman Brac, 5 positive tests in Grand Cayman); reminder hard curfew in place from tonight at 7:00 pm until 5:00 am on Monday 6th April. Read more

Friday, 3 April Government Update: 1 New COVID-19 Case, Man Receives 4 months in Prison for Curfew Breach, Curfew Changes Approved. Read more
  • Amendments to the Public Health (Prevention, Control and Suppression of COVID-19) Regulations and New Regulations to Ensure Compliance with Shelter in Place Requirements Approved by Cabinet. Read more
  • Ombudsman Urges Public to Keep COVID-19 Patient Details Private. Read more
Thursday, 2 April Government Update: 28 Cases Total in Grand Cayman, None in Sister Islands, Cabinet to Change Curfew. Read more
  • Employers' Questions for Department of Labour and Pensions Answered. Read more
  • Fishing Vessels Arriving to the Cayman Islands Required to Abide by CBC Measures for COVID-19. Read more
  • CBC Discourages Import of Non-Essential Goods At This Time. Read more
  • CBC Outlines Process to Collect Air Cargo, Will Issue Soft Curfew Exemption Letters for Specific Collection Times. Read more
  • Port Authority Encourages Cargo Collection, Will Issue Soft Curfew Exemption Letters for Specific Collection Times. Read more
Wednesday, 1 April Government Update: Eight New Cases of COVID-19, Economic Well Being of the Nation, Further Information on BA Flight, Call for Blood Donations. Read more
  • Important Advice on Homemade Face Masks from the Ministry of Health. Read more
  • Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands Operates Remotely, Accepts Email Inquires for Key Services. Read more
  • CIPS Suspends Service to the Public, All Post Offices Closed. Read more
Tuesday, 31 March Government Update: Community Transmission Confirmed with Two New Positive Results, Public Asked to Strictly Follow Protocols. Read more
  • DVDL Closed to the Public, Online Services Available. Read more
  • Application Form for Persons on Work Permits for One-time Food Voucher from Government. Read more
  • Work Permit Holders Who Are Jobless Due to COVID-19 to Get Government Assistance. Read more
  • Minister Overviews Health Matters and Preparedness, Calls for Jingles from Local Musicians, Recognises Doctors. Read more
  • The Public Can Find Out If Symptoms May Be COVID-19 Related Within Five Minutes With New Tool. Read more
  • EXTERNAL: Forbes Feature: A Day In The Cayman Islands During The Coronavirus Pandemic. Read more
Monday, 30 March Government Update: No Significant Policing Issues, Surnames for Banking, BA Flight Next Week. Read more

Sunday, 29 March Government Update: Four New Positive Cases, More Stringent Policing of Daytime Curfew, New Supermarket Rules. Read more
  • EXTERNAL: Forbes Feature: How a Little Island in the Caribbean Sea Is Standing Up to the Goliath of Coronavirus. Read more
Saturday, 28 March Government Update: Too Many People in the Community in Violation of Shelter in Place ("Soft" Curfew). Read more
  • Supermarkets Prepare to Welcome Shoppers on Saturday, 28 March. Read more
  • Attorney General Details New COVID-19 Regulations, Including Shelter in Place.Read more
  • LSD Operational Changes Allow Video Verification, Extensions, Digital Lodgments. Read more
  • NAU Revises Opening Hours, Customers Allowed Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 1:00pm. Read more
  • DLP Reminds Employers of Provisions for Terminations, Temporary Lay-offs Due to COVID-19. Read more
Friday, 27 March Government Update: Two Curfew Regimes Going Forward from Saturday, 28 March. Read more
  • Changes to External Examinations Scheduled for Secondary Students. Read more
  • Cayman Islands Public Library Service Announces Online eBook Service. Read more
  •  Essential Services from Ministry of Home Affairs Continue. Read more

Thursday, 26 March Government Update: Extended Curfew Working Smoothly, Robust Local Testing Sees 48 More Negative Results. Read more

  • DEH Issues Detailed Advice on COVID-19 and Hygiene for Food Handlers. Read more
  • Donation to Returning Students in Facility Provided by Government for Self-Isolation. Read more
  • Annual Fee Obligations Deferred for Corporate Entities till 30 June 2020. Read more
  • Department of Agriculture Updates Operational Hours, Suspends Certain Services, Closes Reception and Shelter. Read more
  • Deadlines for Annual Returns and Economic Substance Notification Filings Extended. Read more
  • DCFS Publishes Additional Contact Details to Reach Staff Working Remotely. Read more

Wednesday, 25 March Government Update: Extended Curfew in Effect, Shelter in Place Imminent, Daily Press Briefings to Continue. Read more

  • Immigration Appeals Tribunal and Refugee Protection Appeals Tribunal Suspend New Appeals, Manual Submissions. Read more
  • Cabinet Office Suspends Manual Processes Tax Undertakings, Applications and Renewals Still Available Online. Read More
  • DEH Revises Landfill Operating Hours, Maintains All Collection Services. Read more

Tuesday, 24 March Government Update: Staying Home Saves Lives, New Preliminary Test Results Include One Positive With No Travel History, Shelter in  Place Delayed, Curfew to Proceed, Civil Service Moves to Next Level in Pandemic Response Plan, Funeral Provisions. Read more

  • DCFS Works Remotely from 25 March for Critical Services, Maintains Staffing at Residential Care Facilities. Read more
  • CIGOUK Focuses on Caymanians in the UK, Urges Registration on New Online Portal . Read more
  • Travel Hotline Launched for Persons with Urgent Need to Leave the Cayman Islands. Read more
  • NAU Issues Preparedness List, Amends Customer-Facing Hours to 8:30am to 1pm, Mondays to Thursdays. Read more

Monday, 23 March Government Update: Two Positive Results, Curfew Exemptions, Public Gatherings Further Restricted, Travel Helpline to Launch.

  • District Administration Update on COVID-19 Lists Changes to Operations in Cayman Brac, Little Cayman. Read more
  • Governor Announces Daily Curfew to Begin 24 March (Note: See Above for Further Curfew Developments). Read more
  • WORC Details Changes to Operations, Cancellation of Training & Development Workshops. Read more
  • Public Warned About Account Impersonating Minister, Offering Cash Grants. Read more
  • Chief Medical Officer Orders 14 Days of Self-Isolation for All Persons Arriving in the Cayman Islands from 16 March. Read more
  • Judicial Administration Details Provisions for Essential Court Services, Modified Business Processes. Read more
  • Updates from Ministry on Measures Taken in Education, Agriculture and by Water Authority - Cayman. Read more
  • Chief Medical Officer Issues Statement, Urges Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene. Read more
  • Extension of Support For Non-Caymanians Actively Explored by Ministry of Community Affairs. Read more
  • Student Taken from Isolation Facility for Assessment on 20 March. Read more
  • Revised Sister Islands Flight Schedule from Cayman Airways. Read more

Friday, 20 March Government Update: 23 New Negative Results, CMO Requires Returning Residents Self-Isolate, New Mental Health Hotline. Read more

  • RCIPS Business Centre at Windjammer Plaza Introduces Changes to Processing of Applications. Read more
  • DVDL Introduces Additional Precautionary Measures, Encourages Online Renewals. Read more
  • DOA Implements Operational Changes, Reduced Hours. Read more
  • Centre for Business Development to Open 23 March, Focus on Business Continuity. Read more
  • NAU Food Stipends for Caymanian Families Whose Children Received School Lunch Assistance. Read more
  • Education Minister Outlines Plans for Schools' Distance Learning. Read more
  • Governor Confirms British Airways Flight Will Depart London for Grand Cayman Sunday, 22 March. Watch here

Thursday, 19 March Government Update: Two Positive from 40 New Results, Plans for Returning Students & Certain Essential Staff. Read more

  • Two Test Positive in Preliminary Results of 40 More Local Tests. Patients Doing Well, Remain in Isolation. Read more
  • DCFS to Implement Social Distancing, Maintain Client Contact by Phone, WhatsApp and Zoom. Read more

Wednesday, 18 March Government Update: No New Test Results. Additional Control Measures and Economic Support Announced. Read More

  • DLP Outlines COVID-19 Preparations and Implementation of Social Distancing. Read more
  • DVDL Suspends Road Testing, Will Reschedule Appointments. Read more
  • DCS COVID-19 Preparedness Brings Operational Changes. Read more

Tuesday, 17 March Government Update: 20 More Local Tests, Some Businesses to Close or Adjust Offerings, Emergency Stipends. Read more

  • DITC Activates its Business Continuity Plan to Maintain Operational Frameworks, International Obligations. Read more
  • Visitor Extension Process Varied by CBC to Assist Persons Departing the Cayman Islands. Read more
  • Clarification on Self-Isolation. Who Should Self Isolate? Read more
  • HMCIPS Takes Steps to Protect Prisoners and Staff against COVID-19. Read more
  • DCR Adapts Services to Limit Office Visits and Group Programmes. Read more
  • CIPS Suspends International Mail from 23 March as Precautionary Measure.Read more
  • Cayman Islands Regiment Officers Assisting HMCI. Read more
  • DCFS Suspends All Social Visits to Group Homes. Read more

Monday, 16 March Government Update: Premier's Statement Includes International Travel Updates. Read more


  • HSA Introduces Local Testing for COVID-19, Significantly Reducing Waiting Period. Read more
  • RCIPS Helicopter in Life Saving Mission to Stricken Cruise Ship. Read more
  • HSA Expands, Relocates Flu Clinic at George Town Hospital, Promotes Flu Hotline. Read more
  • NAU Revises Existing Clients' Service Delivery to Support Preparedness Measures. Read more
  • HSA restricts all visitors from 14 March to protect patients and community. Read more
  • First COVID-19 Patient Passes 14 March. Officials Extend Condolences. Read more
  • Governor's Statement on COVID-19 Urges Coming Together. Read more
  • Public Gatherings of More Than 50 People Restricted Effective 13 March. Read more
  • First Case of COVID-19 Confirmed in the Cayman Islands 12 March. Read more
  • CIGOUK Acknowledges UK Prime Minister’s Latest COVID-19 Announcement. Read more
  • First Five Samples Sent to CARPHA for COVID-19 Testing 9 March. Read more
  • Cruise Line Cancels Call to the Cayman Islands 9 March. Read more
  • The Cayman Islands Prepares as Regional Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed. Read more
  • Travel Restrictions and Advice Issued by the Cayman Islands Government 25 February. Read more
  • Health Precautions at the Border and Immigration Advice 3 March. Read More
  • Ministers Attend a Special Meeting to Discuss Ways of Protecting the Region from COVID-19. Read more
  • Cruise Ship Denied Entry on 26 February. Read More
  • Cayman Islands Government Places COVID-19 on Schedule of Notifiable Diseases. Read more

Watch all Cayman Islands Government Press Conferences and Interviews on COVID-19 here

Read more Government news in our Press Room and follow all updates from the Health Services Authority at


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