Details for categories of organizations who may be exempt from the curfew in effect from Wednesday 25 March can be found here.



The following support procedures are in place for those who are in essential services (uniformed and medical staff), and are parents of students who live in the Cayman Islands and are arriving from overseas between Thursday 19 March and Sunday 22 March.


All students returning to the Cayman Islands are reminded that self-isolation (also known as home-isolation) is required of all international arrivals. For more details on self-isolation visit our F.A.Q section.

Following the announcement setting out arrangements for returning students arriving on international flights between Thursday 19 March and Sunday 22 March, Public Servants who (1) are essential to Cayman’s Coronavirus response, and (2) have children of any age returning home from overseas, have the option of staying in Government-paid accommodations while their children isolate at home for the mandatory 14-day period.

Specifically, this temporary provision is intended for medical professionals at the HSA, members of the uniformed services (Police, Prison, Fire, and CBC) and Emergency Communications/911. Public Servants who choose to stay in the accommodations which Government has arranged, will therefore be able to continue working as part of Cayman’s Coronavirus response team during those 14 days when their home is under isolation. To take up this option, staff in essential roles are asked to:


1. Agree their participation with their immediate supervisors; and

2. Call the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) on 1-800-534-6555 or email as soon as possible, and provide your details and the date/flight details of your dependant, and

3. Move out of the home prior to coming into close contact with the returning student.


This option is provided to ensure continuous and adequate staffing of vital services which might otherwise be restricted when returning children trigger the requirement for home isolation.


For more information on the options for students returning to the Cayman Islands between Thursday 19 March and Sunday 22 March click here.



Read our policies regarding coronavirus in the Cayman Islands.



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