The health and safety of children and students, as well as staff, continues to be the top priority of the Ministry of Education. It is critical that safety measures are in place to ensure that high quality education can still be accessed.

Updated COVID-19 guidance exists for educational institutes. You can download it below.

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As a part of the phased re-opening plan of our borders, The Cayman Islands Government has approved new testing methods to be added to our national protocols, to assist with the screening of COVID-19 in the community. This additional testing will be done through antigen-detecting rapid diagnostic or lateral flow tests (“LFTs”).

The safety protocols for schools are included in the Ministry of Education’s COVID-19 Guidance for Educational Institutions. The document can be found here.  Please also refer to Public Health guidance here.

Anyone who feels unwell (children/staff/carers) should not attend an educational institution. They should contact Public Health at any of the following telephone numbers and consider scheduling a COVID-19 PCR test:

  • 1-800-534-8600
  • 947-3077
If a suspected case of COVID-19 is identified in your child’s school/institution, the school/institution will:
  • Notify Public Health of a suspected case of student
  • Separate the student from the main student body in a secure and comfortable environment until released to the parent/guardian
  • Ensure the student is supervised at all times in line with child protection   guidelines
  • Notify the Director of the Department of Education Services (DES) or Ministry of Education

In the case of a member of staff, the individual will contact Public Health and self-isolate as a precautionary measure.

The Ministry of Education has provided all students enrolled in Government schools with digital devices (laptops/IPads), procured a variety of learning software and made LTE modems available for those most in need of this assistance to facilitate a smooth transition to remote learning as needed. Students who are unwell and at home are not expected to continue with learning until they are feeling better.

Schools do not usually offer onsite vaccination. The list of vaccination clinics/sites can be found here.

Parents of government school students who have questions may contact the principal or director of their child’s school using the following contact information:


Principal / Director


Telephone No.

Edna Moyle Primary

Danielle Duran


East End Primary

Allison Greaves


Theoline McCoy Primary

Kimberly Watler


Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC)

Mr. Pedro Lazzari


Savannah Primary

Delton Pedley


Clifton Hunter High

Richard Wildman



Janice Headley


George Town Primary

Sharon Campbell-Danvers


Sir John A Cumber Primary

Jovanna Wright


Red Bay Primary

Ryan Dale


Prospect Primary

Patricia Taylor


John Gray High

Jon Clark


Layman E Scott Snr High

Devon Bowen


Creek & Spot Bay Primary

Margaret Juman


West End Primary

Susan Aaron- Abel


Little Cayman Education Services

Veronica Juman Khan



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