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Stay Inside Save Lives: 24 Fun Things To Do Inside Over Easter

Cayman Islands Government
Published: April 10 2020
Last Updated: June 16, 2020

Update: From Monday, 1 June 2020, the curfew and Regulations under the Public Health Law were updated to partially lift restrictions. You can find detailed information on all policies that are currently in effect here. This blog was published on Friday, 10 April 2020 and the information below was accurate at that time.


We understand how important Easter weekend is to the Cayman Islands, especially given the significance of the holiday to families.

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and local situation, the Cayman Islands is currently under a "soft curfew" during the day from Monday to Saturday from 5am - 7pm followed by a "hard curfew" from 7pm - 5am daily and all day on Sunday.


This means that during Easter Sunday the Cayman Islands are under a hard curfew for 24 hours of the day


All Easter camping, and social gatherings on beaches, and elsewhere are not  permitted.

We know that the curfew in the Cayman Islands can be particularly challenging during celebrations such as Easter. Here are 24 ideas for entertaining families, friends and loved ones during curfew while observing Shelter in Place Regulations currently in place: 




1. Cultural Activities

Let’s talk Cul-Cha! There's an abundance of things do in Cayman and beyond, across the world.

Here are a few cultural activities you can get involved with over Easter weekend. 

▪ Church Services: Get dressed up and attend a virtual church service of your choice online (check with your local church to see if it has planned a Facebook or YouTube livestream service).
▪ Educational Games: Download some educational games from Cayman Islands National Museum, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands or the Cayman National Cultural Foundation for some cultural fun. Click the links below:
▪ Tour The National Gallery: Take the family on a virtual tour of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands here or go international and take a virtual tour of Museums from around the world

 Attend a virtual church service from home

2. Backyard Adventures

In order to comply with the shelter-in-place regulations and help save lives, you should make sure all outdoor activities are limited to your own property. This doesn't mean you can't have fun, though.

Backyard adventures are a fun way to do something new and yet familiar with your household. See how adventurous your garden can become when you make new memories and share stories under the stars. Here are some ideas:

▪ Camp out in the backyard: Pitch a tent, roll out some sleeping bags and tell stories. You may even catch a glimpse of an owl, or other cool night creatures. 

 Go stargazing: Take out your telescope or download an app like Skyview or Star Walk or simply look them up for free! 
Go Earth-gazing: Watch the earth from space with NASA Live 
Watch Now
▪ Enjoy a picnic: Spread a blanket under a tree to enjoy a slice or two of traditional Easter bun and cheese.
▪ Hunt for Eggs: Why not enjoy an egg-hunting game in your own yard. Maybe put a twist on the game by filling plastic eggs with glow-in-the-dark pieces for fun at night.

Have a backyard adventure at home during curfew

3. Connect with family and friends

Sad that you won’t see those you love the most this Easter? Don’t worry here are some things you can do to connect virtually!
▪ Go social: Take a photo of your family enjoying Easter activities at home and share it on social media with the Hashtag #StayingHomeisCaymankind
▪ Write to your loved ones: Write a letter to your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. *
▪ Be your own artist: Draw pictures or make homemadecards. *


*Make sure to take a photo and share with your loved ones letting them know you are thinking of them during this time of social distancing and self-quarantining.



Call your family and get social over the holidays

4. Fun and Games 

We know families, friends, and households can really connect over a fun game, so why not have a game night that will last for hours?
▪ Play a game: Some fun and easy games include:
o Ludi
o Dominoes
o Checkers
o Connect Four
o Monopoly
o The Game of Life
o Or grab a deck of cards for endless fun!
▪ Pen and paper games: If you don’t have a board game handy, you can play a few games with just a pen and paper including Dots and Boxes, TiTac Toe, Pictionary and Hangman! Get more ideas here 


Play some board games with your family.

5. Explore the World from your couch 

There are so many animal and places to explore and no better time than now to take it all in. Here's a link to multiple webcam experiences but we’ve shared our favourites below:

▪ Explore the Cayman Reef here 
▪ Discover Walrus Island 


Learn about animals and places to explore from the comfort of your couch

6. Music(als) to our ears

Various musicals and concerts are being streamed online for people having to stay at homeThat’s musical magic!

▪ Watch Some  Free Opera here
▪ Go to Some Virtual Concerts



Watch a live or recorded musical from home

Stay Home to Save Lives

Stay home to save lives, Cayman.

Remember that by staying inside this Easter you and your household are actively saving lives. The Cayman Islands Government thanks you for your contribution towards our community and wishes you a happy Easter.

If you're ever in any doubt of the policies surrounding COVID-19, take a look at our policies page for information on verified regulations relating to COVID-19.



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