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There are no restrictions for anyone travelling to or within the Cayman Islands. Learn more.

COVID-19 In the Cayman Islands

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Regulations have been made by Cabinet under the Public Health Act (2021 Revision) for the prevention, control and suppression of COVID-19.

Control and Management of Covid-19 (No. 4) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022 are in effect as of 24 August, 2022. 

The Control of COVID-19 (Travel) (No.3) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022 have expired. This means there are no restrictions for anyone travelling to or within the Cayman Islands.


There are no restrictions for anyone travelling to or within the Cayman Islands.  

Travellers are no longer required to: 

  • apply to travel (via Travel Cayman)  

  • quarantine or isolate upon arrival 

  • be vaccinated prior to arriving in the Cayman Islands 

Travellers are encouraged to check the requirements of their destination before travelling. 

For more information on relocating or travelling to the Cayman Islands, visit Customs and Border Control.

There are no government requirements to wear a mask in most public places.  

However, owners or operators of establishments such as health care facilities, residential home care facilities, prisons, or places of detention may require any person visiting their establishment to wear a face covering or mask prior to entry. 

There are no government requirements or limits on public gatherings in the Cayman Islands. 

It is a public health requirement to report a positive Lateral Flow Test (LFT) result.  

All persons who test positive for COVID-19 by lateral flow test are encouraged to complete a PCR test to confirm their result.  

Report a positive LFT result here.  

Close contacts of people positive for COVID-19 can continue to work and attend school, given they complete daily lateral flow testing.

For LFT advice, visit here.

All persons who have tested positive are required to isolate for a period of no less than 7 days.  

There is no requirement for a person to test once isolation has been completed. 

Report Your LFT Result

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