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Ensuring those most vulnerable in our community don’t go hungry

Civil servants are continuing to rise to the challenge of supporting the community we serve, through the CIG Cares programme. CIG Cares was launched in July 2020 as an opportunity for civil servants to assist some of the most vulnerable in the community. Following positive feedback from its initial run during the last half of 2020, the programme will resume in February and continue throughout 2021.

Deputy Governor and Head of the Civil Service Hon Franz Manderson stated, “We have decided to extend CIG Cares into 2021 based on feedback we received. Several civil servants shared with me and other members of the team that they were happy for this avenue to support our community; that they were proud to see us do this as a Civil Service, and that they wanted to see it continue.”


Civil Service support for Meals on Wheels continues in February and March

Meals on wheels

For February and March, Meals on Wheels will continue to be the beneficiary, as it was during the last two months of 2020. Meals on Wheels was chosen through a poll of civil servants. The charity provides free, hot, meals across the Cayman Islands to seniors, the homebound and people with disabilities.


Deadline for civil servants to sign up for February donation

Civil servants who wish to make a donation for February must complete and submit the donation form for civil servants by close of business on Monday, 1 February. This is to facilitate February’s early payroll preparation. The cut-off for March will be Monday, 8 March.


New beneficiaries from April

As of April, CIG Cares will support a new charity, which will change each quarter. The Deputy Governor will select the charity, based on input from the Civil Service which will be obtained from staff voting in an online poll every six months. Locally registered charities will be eligible for selection as the CIG Cares beneficiary.

To facilitate the selection of the beneficiary for the April-to-June quarter, staff will be invited to respond to a short poll next month.

In the meantime, civil servants can support Meals on Wheels in February and/or March by signing up, using the donation form for civil servants. You can make a one-time donation or choose to donate over several months. The amount you specify will be taken by salary deduction for the length of time chosen.
A note for civil servants who had supported Meals on Wheels in November and/or December 2020: If you wish to make a donation this February or March, you will need to sign up again as last year’s CIG Cares programme had an end date of December 2020.

To participate in the CIG Cares community support programme, civil servants can click the button below.

Civil Servants: Click Here to Donate


All civil servants and the elected government will be given the opportunity to participate by registering for their donations to be collected as part of their payroll process.


The COVID-19 pandemic has already had a significant negative impact on the Cayman Islands economy, with significant numbers of people in the private sector suffering from the financial impact of layoffs, salary cuts, and job losses being reported across many different industries. With a shared purpose of "making the lives of those we serve better," the Civil Service has a unique opportunity to be part of the solution to this problem while demonstrating solidarity with our friends and neighbours who may be experiencing less favourable financial circumstances during this crisis. A part of the Civil Service mission is "caring" and the CIG Cares initiative embodies the caring spirit of the Civil Service through these charitable donations that will support the Meals on Wheels. 

This opportunity to support some of the most vulnerable in the community through a monthly payroll deduction is an example of the power of togetherness in action.

If you are a civil servant volunteering to donate to the “CIG Cares” initiative, you can do so by filling out and submitting the Employee Donation Form found below. You can choose to make a one-time donation or monthly donations for a specified length of time. Donations will be made via deductions in your monthly salary starting in the month you indicate on the donation form. 


Form instructions:

You will need to know your employee number to be able to complete the form to make a voluntary donation. This can be found in a number of locations; on your pay-slip, on your government id, on individual essential service “curfew” letters and for those Civil Servants that are the primary CINICO member it is the 6 digits that follow the “996” on your CINICO card. You can also request or confirm your employee number with your HR department.

To complete the form you will be asked to

1. Enter your First and Last Name and your Employee Number.

2. Enter the amount that you would like to donate to charity

3. Select the month that you would like the donation to commence.

4. Indicate whether you would like your donation to be a one-off payment by selecting “one-time” or “recurring” if you would like your donation to be collected each payroll going forward

When you select “recurring” the amount that you have selected will be deducted from each payroll until you notify CIG to stop collecting donations, which you can do at any time for the following month. This is especially important to note if you are paid on a bi-weekly payroll as the donation will be made twice each month.

Privacy Policy:

The Office of the Deputy Governor and the Portfolio of the Civil Service in the Cayman Islands Government are the joint data controllers for the temporary function of processing personal data to consider Civil Servants donations for the initiative “CIG Cares” led by the Deputy Governor.

We are committed to making sure your data is safe. Our privacy notice explains how we use the personal data we collect when you submit the form.

The CIG Cares programme allows civil servants to make donations directly from their pay through salary deduction. We encourage people in the private sector to join in supporting the community by starting (or continuing) similar programmes.

If I am not able to make a donation this month, am I able to contribute in the future?

A Civil Servant will be able to join the initiative at any time by completing and submitting the electronic CIG Cares payroll donation form in the How Can I Participate? section above.


If my circumstances change and I wish to stop or change the amount of the charitable donation, am I able to do so?

You are able to change your decision about making a charitable donation through CIG Cares up until the payroll cut-off date for any payroll. To do so, you should email your request to either stop making deductions or to change the amount of your deduction to the Portfolio of the Civil Service HR IRIS Team at You should indicate in your email the payroll that you first wish the change to be processed on. A member of the PoCS HR-IRIS team may contact you to ask for clarification if the instruction that is received is not clear. 


What happens if I change my mind about making a donation after the donation has been made. Can I "reclaim" it?

Unfortunately, once the payroll has been processed and your donation has been made to the charity, it will not be possible to "reclaim" your donation. However, you will be able to instruct that no further donations be made.


Who will know that I am making a donation?

Only the Civil Servant making the donation will be able to make enquiries about the donation and reporting on the initiative will be provided in summary form, such as the number of employees making donations or the total amount of donations being made. 

This charity donation will be processed the same way as other existing payroll deductions, such as deposits to the Credit Union, and the information will only be available for review to staff who review the payroll register to ensure accuracy before it is posted. It will be treated with the same level of confidentiality as all other payroll-related transactions and information. 


Other Community Events & Projects



Examples of Caymankind

With donations from restaurants across the Islands, Acts of Random Kindness Cayman establishes and grows the #KindnessKitchen, a soup kitchen with meals distributed to those in need by various partners, volunteers and agencies
The Grand Old House and The Wharf have been preparing and donating over 150 meals a day to those in needs in partnership with Meals On Wheels, Caymans ARK - Acts of Random Kindness, Family Resource Centre, and "Supporting Each Other" Initiate aimed at the Tourism industry people in need. Read more

Elderly residents in local care homes will enjoy increased contact with families and friends, due a thoughtful donation by the Foster Group.

Car City Manager, Taylor Foster gave 13 smartphones to the Ministry of Community Affairs’ Chief Officer, Teresa Echenique, on Wednesday, 22 April 2020. The devices, chosen for their wide screens, will allow seniors to take part in WhatsApp calls and video chats during this time of restricted visits.

Read more


Supporting NPOs

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) play an important role in the community providing support for people, animals, the environment, and organisations who need assistance. If you can support an NPO, you are directly helping someone who needs it. Use caution and protect yourself from fraud by ensuring that the NPO you're supporting is registered and in good standing. 

  • For a current list of registered NPOs (as of April 2020), click here.
  • To learn more about Cayman NPO requirements, click here
  • Public queries regarding NPOs can be directed to
  • NPOs Urged to Protect Against Fraud Related to COIVD-19. Read more
  • Registrar Assesses NPO as Low Risk for Terrorist Financing. Read more

Community News

Conch Song Ringtones Cayman

Communities across the Cayman Islands are being encouraged to show support to frontline workers by downloading free ringtones to their phones. The ringtones are an extension of governments ‘Conch Call Salute’ to frontline workers’ and feature the iconic sound of the conch shell horn set to a catchy musical beat.

Use these links to access the conch songs then download them to your device.

Conch Songs Pop Mix Ringtone
Conch Songs Soca Mix Ringtone
Conch Songs Trap Mix Ringtone

To Install on iOS:

  • Download onto your computer or laptop
  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer. 
  • On a PC, open iTunes for Windows. On a Mac, open the Finder.
  • Drag and drop the ringtone to your device.


The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring ‘Resilience Cayman,’ an initiative established to help connect non-profits, entrepreneurs and businesses with tools, funds and volunteers to identify, assess, and meet community needs as they emerge during times of crisis.

The idea for the initiative has been under development for some time but was recently fast tracked to help address some of the most pressing community needs arising from the Covid-19 crisis, both in terms of public health and the impact on the economy.

Read more

DECKERS, ABACUS and KARoo have joined forces with ARK (“Acts of Random Kindness”) by creating a Soup Kitchen to feed those in need within Cayman with a daily hot soup. Read more.

Cayman Code Academy (CCA) and internationally recognised coding academy, Code Fellows, are facilitating full-time remote instruction to support jobseekers interested in gaining remote technology work skills. Individuals can now access virtual classes and interact in real-time with professionally trained Code Fellows instructors with a 1:6 teacher to student ratio. A financial assistance fund has also been announced by Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) to help with tuition fees for Caymanians in need. Read more.

Dr. Frank Koentgen of Rhetus International SEZC and Joanne Deys teams up with Doctors Hospital to establish COVID-19 testing programme in the Cayman Islands. Read more

More than 450 meals were provided to workers at the Health Services Authority (HSA) over the Easter weekend through a ‘Feeding the Frontline’ initiative by Cayman Finance. Supported by donations from its membership, Cayman Finance was able to coordinate lunch deliveries for HSA staff over four days. Read more.


Information For The Community