The Cayman Islands Regiment (CI Regiment) is Cayman’s first formal military formation. The role of the CI Regiment is to provide disaster relief and security within the Cayman Islands and the wider Caribbean region. Our mission is to recruit, train and develop soldiers and officers within the Cayman Islands in order to fulfill the role of the CI Regiment.




The regiment will be approximately 175 strong by the end of 2022. The first selection and training of recruits occurred in June 2020, the second followed in October 2020 with the third round is anticipated to start in November 2021.

All selection and training in 2022 will be done ensuring social distancing is maintained.

Candidates must be able to attend all dates when notified for various selection events.

The selection process will involve fitness, swimming, aptitude, medical (including a drug test) assessments and an interview. You will be required to have a clean police record.
  • The initial selection fitness assessment test will involve running a 20m Beep Test to level 5.6.
  • During training recruits will be expected to run 2km in no longer than 10 minutes and 15 seconds. Practising running a 2km route (in trainers, shorts and t-shirt) will help candidates prepare.
  • Recruits must also be able to swim 100m in shirt and trousers, as well as tread water for 2 minutes.
Candidates will need to be able to attend a 14-day training camp annually.


We are inviting applications from eligible candidates.

To be eligible candidates need to be:

  • 18-50 years old; and
  • Either a Caymanian, or a permanent resident within the meaning of the Immigration (Transition) Law, 2021.
  • Pass an Aptitude test
  • Pass the required fitness and swim test
  • Pass a medical assessment
  • Pass the vetting process
  • Commit for 2 years minimum
  • Attend Training 2 evenings and 1 Saturday minimum per month
  • Commit up to 14-days training camp annually
  • Complete 2 weeks initial training
  • Complete an interview
  • Provide a clean Police record
Candidates must be able to train 1 evening every two weeks, and one Saturday per month, excluding the required parades dates.
Whilst on duty with the Regiment, all ranks are eligible for daily pay (8 hrs) which starts at CI$100.00 per reservist.

Candidates must be able to attend a 14-day annual camp which may be held overseas.

Q: What is basic training like?
  • Basic training gives you the following requisite skills: weapon training, first-aid, radio communications, drill, basic navigation and fitness. 


Q: If I have previous military experience is it transferable or do I have to complete recruitment again?

  • Yes, you have to complete recruit training on enlistment.


Q: Do I need to be able to swim to join the Regiment?

  • Yes, you will need to be able to pass a basic swim test.


Q: How long am I required to serve?

  • The basic contractual agreement for the Regiment is for two years on a part-time basis.


 Q: Are there opportunities for women?

  • The Regiment is an equal opportunities employer.


Q: I don’t want to fire weapons, but I have other skills to offer, can I still join?

  • Yes, the Regiment utilises persons with a range of non-combative skills.


Q: If I have criminal convictions, can I still join the Regiment?

  • Each case will be assessed on its own merit.


Q: What are the educational requirements for the Regiment?

  • You will be required to sit a basic Maths and English assessment.


Q: Will I have opportunities to develop professionally within the Regiment?

  • Yes, you will receive ongoing professional development during your time in the Regiment.


Q: Is my contract renewable?

  • Yes, once there are no instances of serious misconduct, illness, injury or any other debilitating factors you are eligible to extend your terms of service.


Q: If I don’t want to commit to the Regiment, will I have an opportunity to leave?

  • Yes, if you do not feel that the Regiment is right for you, you can leave at any time during basic training.


Q: Does the Cayman Islands Regiment discriminate against sexuality or gender?

  • The Cayman Islands Regiment is a diverse organisation that does not discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, socio-economic background or religion.



Apply to Join:

Please read the instructions on how to apply carefully:

  1. Download the 2022 Application and Medical Form, HERE.
  2. Save the form from your browser to your device 
  3. Complete the form and sign
  4. Save the form as your “Surname” before submitting
  5. Submit your completed and signed application form to by Friday, 15 November 2021.

    *NOTE: To sign the form, use Adobe Reader's Fill and Sign feature. Learn more by watching this video.


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Feel free to reach out to us for further information.

Tel: Call (345) 640-3889 between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday.