Form instructions:


You will need to know your employee number to be able to complete the form to make a voluntary donation. This can be found in a number of locations; on your pay-slip, on your government id, on individual essential service “curfew” letters and for those Civil Servants that are the primary CINICO member it is the 6 digits that follow the “996” on your CINICO card. You can also request or confirm your employee number with your HR department. To complete the form you will be asked to

  1. Enter your First and Last Name and your Employee Number.
  2. Enter the amount that you would like to donate to charity
  3. Select the month that you would like the donation to commence.
  4. Indicate whether you would like your donation to be a one-off payment by selecting “one-time” or “recurring” if you would like your donation to be collected each payroll going forward

When you select “recurring” the amount that you have selected will be deducted from each payroll until you notify CIG to stop collecting donations, which you can do at any time for the following month. This is especially important to note if you are paid on a bi-weekly payroll as the donation will be made twice each month.

Privacy Policy:

The Office of the Deputy Governor and the Portfolio of the Civil Service in the Cayman Islands Government are the joint data controllers for the temporary function of processing personal data to consider Civil Servants donations for the initiative “CIG Cares” led by the Deputy Governor.

We are committed to making sure your data is safe. Our privacy notice explains how we use the personal data we collect when you submit the form.

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